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Parts of a plant - kids video

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Lifecycle of plants
Medicinal uses for NZ Native plants

Invertebrates of the Bush Floor
Invertebrates are animals without a backbone – generally
insects of various types. Invertebrates are a key part of healthy
native ecosystems, but are often overlooked. Different types
of invertebrates have important roles in keeping your bush
remnant functioning:
• decomposers break down wood and leaves on the forest
fl oor to release nutrients back to plants – for example,
ground weta

• pollinators – for example, fl ies, beetles, night-fl ying moths
and lizards
• herbivores feed on leaves, branches and twigs – for
example, stick insects and scale insects
• predators or parasites prey or feed on other invertebrates
– for example, native preying mantis
• prey – invertebrates are important sources of food for
native lizards and birds such as morepork, kingfi shers,
fantails and grey warblers.
To provide a healthy home for invertebrates,

Common species of cnimals found in forest litter

In the forest litter the most numerous animals are mites, caterpillars and grubs, springtails, litter hoppers, woodlice, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, and spiders.

Native Trees
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The native flora of New Zealand is rich and unique having evolved in isolation for millions of years, because of this it has a distinctive look about it. No fewer than 80% of New Zealand's native plants and trees are endemic i.e. occurring here and nowhere else. Although few have showy flowers the variety of foliage colour, texture, and shape is unsurpassed.
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